Halloween – Social Distance Style

It is no surprise Halloween in San Diego is going to look a little different this year. With social distancing in mind and business closed in Southern California, many of the Halloween activities we all have traditions doing are more than likely not going to happen or at the very least are going to look and feel significantly changed.

The best parts of Halloween are the costumes, haunted atmosphere, and thrilling excitement. October is known for ghostly retreats and creepy monsters, keeping us on our toes for 31 days straight. It is with great pleasure, Steal and Escape can give all of that to you! With our three fully immersive games we can transport you into an eerie new world complete with chilling surprises and twists in every puzzle.

Our three puzzle rooms range in difficulty and age. We have a room for everyone. Whether you are bringing your adult friends or family of little ones, we have a game that will satisfy everyone’s need for Halloween Fun.

At Steal and Escape we are fully equipped with the lasted CDC, State, and Local Guidelines to ensure you and your team have the safest and most thrilling experience. To learn more about what we are doing to ensure you are protected, CLICK HERE.

We look forward to having you and await all of the haunts that are in store.

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