Steal and Escape is a recreational activity offering a fun and challenging test for families, friends, date nights, or team builders to work together to “escape” the room. This quest provides the perfect opportunity to work as a team to solve puzzles, find clues, crack riddles, and uncover keys & locks. Players are given 60 minutes within a seemingly normal room, in which they must race against time to combine their skills and knowledge to meet the ultimate goal of escaping or solving the mystery presented to them. The goal is simple yet challenging: complete the game in 60 minutes.

The game is designed for 3-6 people. The recommended age is 10 and up. 

Your team will have 60 minutes to complete the objective.

Work under the pressure, improve team work and have fun doing it!

Select your TEAM. Find the TRUTH. Succeed in TIME.

Our games are PRIVATE, we will not group you with strangers. At least 3 tickets must be purchased by the same participant.  Bring your own team of 3-6 players and get ready for an AWESOME and EXCITING hour of mind-bending fun! Teams of two allowed, however the price remains the same as for a team of three. The price is $32 per ticket.


You live a simple life in a simple time. Nothing out of the ordinary happens to you, until now. Five minutes ago you received a mysterious phone call. The caller stated that they work for the government and they need your help. Your neighbor has been detained and they believe he has created a device that will destroy America. The device is set to activate within the hour and they will not be able to reach it in time. They need you to go to his house and steal the device.

Mysterious Stranger game is for 3-6 players. This game is PRIVATE, we will not group you with strangers. At least 3 tickets must be purchased by the same participant.

Our game can be difficult and we recommend a minimum of 4-players. If you have under 4-players we will alter the scenario and remove certain puzzles to lessen the difficulty.



Our gift cards come in a fun puzzle box, and include a personal message to your loved ones. The gift cards are available for pick up at the store, or can be shipped.  Please provide the address at checkout. Allow 7 days for shipping. 

Bronze Card – $96

Silver Card – $128

Gold Card – $160

Uranium Card – $192



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2602 Transportation Avenue, Suite B, San Diego, CA 91950


Would you like to improve your teamwork in a fun and challenging event? Steal and Escape offers an immersive experience designed to bring out the best in your team.

Our “escape room” challenge drops you into a fully immersive time based scenario in which you will be given 60 minutes to accomplish your mission by solving puzzles, finding clues, and cracking riddles. We can’t predict who will win or lose, but we guarantee two things: In one hour you will come out a stronger team and you will have fun.

Our scenario was specifically designed to encourage teamwork and challenge a person’s thought process.

We are here to help you build your team into a cohesive, communicative, problem-solving unit. Let us help you today!