3 Ways You Can Help Small Business Amid Social Isolation

We have all felt the effects of the Corona Virus in the last few weeks and even days– some more than others. Small businesses and small business owners have been put in a difficult situation because of social isolation and social distancing. Restaurant and bar owners have had to reduce their customers by half or even close. Gyms have also been forced to temporarily shut down along with many offices sending their employees home to work remotely. With small businesses making up over 45% of the US economy, the ripple effects have been seen tenfold.

We must ask ourselves, “what can we do to help?” Supporting your local and small businesses will help them keep their doors open during these trying times. Here are three ways you can help:

  1. Buy gift cardsThough you may not be able to visit a local business with the social isolation we are encouraged to be practicing right now, you can visit later. When health officials share it is safe to do so, you can cash in your gift cards for goods and services to your favorite small businesses. Purchasing gift cards now will help small business with cash flow and help pay overhead expenses such as building rent and utilities. These overhead expenses are prevalent regardless how many customers walk through their doors.
  2. Write reviews – Go onto your favorite review platform – whether it be Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook, or somewhere else – and share a positive review of your favorite small business. Positive reviews encourage other shoppers to purchase from a business’ webstore, store front, restaurant, bar, etc. The power of referral and word of mouth builds a strong foundation and reputation for a small business. Positive reviews also help new customers find small business online.
  3. Share on social media – We all know social media is a powerful tool – especially Instagram and Facebook. Social media connects the world at the click of a button. While you are limited with your activities, jump online and share something from your favorite small business. If you share a post or profile of a small business, you are providing marketing at no cost to the business. How often can a business get free, no obligation marketing? The sharing of online content helps a small business increase their reach – they are able to get in front of new customers and in return, bring more people through the doors.

There are several things we can do to help our small business friends through these difficult and uneasy times. We must remember, supporting small businesses is supporting the backbone of the American Economy. Lend out a helping hand to a small business; you are bringing more good into the world.