Three Puzzle Games on Steam to Warm-Up Your Brain

We have all been there before—waiting to play and escape your next escape room. Perhaps you and your friends might want to warm up? Here is a list of three puzzle games you can play.

Half-Life 2 :

Valve’s 2004 classic, Half-Life 2, has its players thinking outside the box. Traditionally, puzzles are mechanical or physically driven. Half-Life 2 utilizes physics in its game engine. As you’re trying to survive to the next checkpoint, Half-Life 2 will have you covered with its innovative puzzles. If you have completed the game, it definitely has replay value.

Portal and Portal 2 :

Portal and Portal 2 are Valve’s classic brain teasers. Both games will challenge your thinking. You are given a Portal Gun. Allowing you to create portals linked to each other. However, you’re only limited to two portals. It is up to the player(s) to find creative solutions to move forward. Portal 2 has a cooperative mode, making it more fun to solve puzzles with your friends! Both games are a must for puzzle enthusiasts.

The Witness :

The Witness is a game not for the faint hearted. You are dropped on an island. It is up to the player to navigates its terrain, figure out what happened to its dissidents, and solve a line of challenging puzzles. Despite its puzzles, the game’s landscape is beautiful and easily to get lost in. Even though the game’s ending has mixed reviews, it’s worth your time to get lost in this world.

These are some of our favorite games we’ve played that helped us think outside the box. Let us know in the comments about your favorite puzzle games!