The Psych Ward, Crossroads Escape Games

One question we are constantly asked as an escape room business: “What is your favorite escape room?” While I am not sure we not come out and say it for fear of reprisal, we certainly love Crossroads Escape Games. They have been in business a bit longer than Steal and Escape, and we consider them friends.

About Crossroads Escape Games

The owners as Crossroads started their escape room a bit before us. They have experience in theatre and it’s very apparent when you play one of their games because the narrative and immersive quality are undeniable. They have been growing steadily since their start and are now offering a brand new game: The Psych Ward. The Psych Ward will be combined with the roster of their two existing games: The Hex Room and The Fun House.

Crossroads Escape Games’ Accolades

  • Ranked Top #3 Best Escape Room in the Nation by USA Today
  • Recipient of the Cadavers Award
  • Rated #1 Escape Room by Escape Rooms
  • Recipient of the Golden Pumpkin Award
  • Recipient of the Skeleton Key Award
  • Rated #1 escape room in Orange Country by USA Today, Best L.A. Escape Rooms,, Escape Room Tips, My Haunt Life, FanBoyNation, Gamingshogun and more!

Crossroads Escape Games’ Press

  • ABC7 Eye on L.A. Feature
  • OS Weekly Feature

The Escape Rooms

The Fun House

The fun house game is a family-friendly game for all ages. Here you will find clowns and magicians. This room is the least difficult of the three offered by Crossroads Escape Games.

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The Hex Room

Arguably the best escape room of all time, The Hex Room is world-famous. Players who attempt this game have a finish rate of one half when compared to The Fun House. This is a 16+ game as well. Sorry kids. You will have to wait until your sweet 16.

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The Psych Ward

So now we get to the point of this blog post. These guys are opening a new game. We have been talking to the owners and they are so ready to launch. While the game is shrouded in mystery, we do know a few things. The game will host 5-8 players and is also requires guests to be 16 years of age or older. The game is set to open this month.

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Have you been to Crossroads Escape Games? What are some of your favorite escape rooms? Let us know in the comments below.