Best Coffee in Golden Hill, San Diego, California

So why Coffee?

Everyone has their different rituals for getting into their escape game mode. For me, coffee is a key ingredient for puzzle solving and coordinating with others. Steal and Escape is based in National City. Golden Hill is a bit more residential than National City, so if you are in town, it might be a nice place to grab a cup of joe before playing heading down to play one of our games. We created a list for you, so you can skip the guessing work.


Located on 25th street (between B and C) rates number one for Best Golden Hill Coffee. It rests in the heart of Golden Hill underneath the shade of a beautiful banyan tree that overlooks its sizeable patio. The building is abundantly charming, keeping the character of the once smaller Craftsman house from which it was rendered. The décor and menu are volcano-themed. Coffee selection is carefully curated and includes an array of espresso coffee drinks, or fresh brewed organic, medium, or dark roast to put a spring in your step. Coffees and teas are from the premium Caffe Calabria and you can even bring your canine companion since the Krakatoa team are fellow dog lovers!

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters

Runner-up for best GH coffee is Dark Horse Coffee Roasters, owned by a trio of brothers who hail from Koloa, Hawaii. They certainly transferred some of Hawaii’s “aloha spirit” with their exceptional barista customer service who serve a variety of coffee.One of the founders of Steal and Escape was born and raised in Maui, Hawaii so the Hawaiian origins are significant. The coffee includes such items like deliciously well-crafted nitro cold-brew, single-origin pour overs, and specialty drinks. For example, “The Champ” with its espresso, steamed milk, cinnamon, and honey. Grab an accompanying pastry from their own Skinny Donuts vegan doughnut line! The company has an intimate hand in the coffee process, going on various trips to places like Ethiopia to garner recipe insights and more importantly, create ties with the local communities.

Influx Café

Last but certainly not least is Influx Café located on Broadway! The mod-chic space attracts a highly productive customer base of students and business workers, though this space is perfect for friends looking for some relaxed conversation as well. The drink menu includes the must-have Vietnamese coffee (hot or cold) that will keep you laser-focused throughout the day, as well as tea lattes and mochas that will satisfy any divergent tastes.

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