Three Games you can find on Steam for a Pre-Game Warm Up

We’ve all been there: you’re eagerly awaiting meeting up with friends to conquer another escape room, and you want to get some practice in before the big shebang. Here’s a list of three games that you can find on Steam and utilize for a warm-up session before you head into the room.

Half-Life 2

So most rooms have some sort of mechanical or physically-driven puzzle in them and Half-Life 2, Valve’s 2004 classic, has some puzzles in it that utilize the physics engine to challenges players to think outside of the box. Whether its an innovative way to shut down a rotating blade without being cut in half or lowering a basket that could carry supplies helping you make it to the next checkpoint, this game has you covered the creative problem solving. And if you’ve already beaten it, it’s completely worth a second or third playthrough.

Portal and Portal 2

Portal and Portal 2 are more of Valve’s classics, with the first game being released in October 2007 and its sequel launching in April 2011. These games will challenge your thinking and have you make use of everything in the room and finding creative solutions with your Portal Gun. The second game in the series, Portal 2, even has a co-op mode, making it easier to practice for an upcoming escape room with a teammate. Seriously, these games should be in every enthusiast’s library.

The Witness

Not for the faint of heart, The Witness, developed by a Jonathan Blow and released in January 2016, is as beautiful as it is challenging. Dropped on an island, it’s up to the player to navigate its terrain and figure out what happened to its dissidents, who are now statues through a series of challenging line puzzles. Complimenting the line puzzles throughout the game is a beautiful landscape, which honestly is just fun to get lost in. Though it’s said the ending isn’t the best, it’s an excellent way to warm up for any upcoming rooms.

These are some of our favorite games to get us in the right mindset for an escape room. Tell us about your favorites in the comments!